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TASC – Tool for Aircraft and Simulator Certification


TASC – Tool for Aircraft and Simulator Certification

Our innovation “UAS-TASC / PID-based determination of flight performances and creation of flight dynamic models” is a project in cooperation with NYABEN Flight Dynamics and the Institute of Flight System Dynamics of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel at the Technical University Munich (TUM).

What is “TASC”?

      „Tool for Aircraft and Simulator Certification“

What ist he project about?

      TASC will extend the functional capability of autopilots in a way that the autopilot can perform complex flying manoeuvres, that so far could only be performed by human pilots. This means a significant reduction of necessary test flights. The approval of aircrafts will be accelerated and shortened thanks to the high quality of the obtained data from the flight dynamic.


      Reduction of the development, analysis, test and verification or rather approval process in the areas of flight performance, flight characteristics, flight regulation and flight simulation

      Extension of the functional capabilities of autopilots for the purpose of performing autonomous flight manoeuvres

      Gain of time through automation of the FDM development and validation

      Gain of time through automation off light tests

      Acceleration of the approval of aircrafts

Perspective for SANEON

The described R&D project allows us to build up additional technical and market expertise. This is in line with our strategic goal to become a strong player in the medium term in the aviation industry, in particular in the booming market of unmanned aircrafts. Accordingly, the project is an important step from being a project and service provider towards a supplier with own products. The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).


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